Vision, Mission & Objectives


To be among the best of meteorological, climatological and geophysical service centre in Asia by 2020.


To fulfill the needs of the people of Malaysia for meteorological, climatological and geophysical services for societal well-being, national security and sustainable socio-economic development.


Enhance the meteorological, climatological and geophysical service system for:
  safety and operational efficiency in the air, land, sea and military;
  Homeland security (such as disaster management and threats from climate change, extreme weather, earthquake and tsunami);
  public safety and comfort
  social economic development planning and environmental management
Enhance the observation system, and establish and regulate the national database of meteorology, climate, seismology and tsunami to meet the needs of present and future generations.
Protecting national interests at the international level and to promote the understanding and advancement meteorological, climatological, seismological and tsunami sciences in the country.