SMS Services

Please refer the following codes to apply Malaysian Meteorological Department SMS Services.





   1. Type: jmm <space>weather<space>location

   1. Type: jmm <space>marine<space>location

   1. Type: jmm <space>eq<space>warning

   2. Example: jmm weather labuan

   2. Example: jmm marine labuan

   2. Example: jmm eq warning

   3. Send to 15888

   3. Send to 15888

   3. Send to 15888

   4. Click here for the state, major town and tourist destination location codes.

   4. Click here for local marine region and open sea region location codes.


Notes: Every SMS will be charged RM0.20


Types of Warning / Info



Weather Warning

jmm on weather

jmm stop weather

Marine Warning

jmm on marine

jmm stop marine

Typhoon Info

jmm on typhoon

jmm stop typhoon

Earthquake Info

jmm on eq

jmm stop eq