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96465 Labuan Meteorological Station
Geographical Location
Date of Commencement
Meteorological Elements Observed
Latitude = 5°18'N
Longitude = 115°15'E
Height = 29.0m above MSL




Daily and Hourly Rainfall
Hourly Air Temperature
Hourly Relative Humidity
Maximum Temperature
Minimum Temperature
Hourly Wind
Sunshine Hour
Atmospheric Pressure

Daily rainfall is measured with a rain gauge. The daily rainfall is taken at 0800 local time. The air temperature is measured with dry bulb thermometer and relative humidity is calculated from the dry and wet bulb thermometers readings. These readings are taken at 0800 and 1400 local time. 

The maximum and minimum temperatures of a day is measured with the maximum and minimum thermometers respectively. The minimum temperature of the day is taken at 1400 local time, whereas the maximum temperature of the day is taken at 0800 local time the following day.

Automatic weather station installed on 18.8.1998. All the above meteorological elements are measured by the various types of sensors.

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