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Monthly Rainfall Review



Generally, September is the end phase of Southwest Monsoon, where many places will experience wet condition. Last September, many places have recorded below average except middle and north part of Peninsular Malaysia and east of Sabah, where the rainfall recorded have exceed the average.


(i) Peninsular Malaysia

Most of meteorological stations in Peninsular Malaysia have recorded higher rainfall reading especially Bayan Lepas, Alor Setar, Chuping, Gong Kedak and Cameron Highlands, where the total rainfall recorded has exceed 300mm. Whereas, the other stations have recorded average total rainfall except Muadzam Shah, Kuantan and Mersing where the rainfall recorded are less than average. Mersing has recorded the lowest raindays which account for 8 days. Meanwhile the highest number of rain days was recorded as 23 rain days in Cameron Highlands.





For Sarawak, most stations recorded below average rainfall especially Miri. Miri also has recorded the lowest rainfall amount and no. of raindays which account for 96mm and 10days. Meanwhile, Sibu and Kuching both have recorded above average rainfall and the total no. of raindays recorded by both stations is 16 days.



(iii) Sabah


Most stations in Sabah also have recorded 60% below average rainfall. Meanwhile, Tawau has recorded slightly above average rainfall and the total rainfall amount recorded has exceeded 200mm. The highest no.of raindays has recorded in Ranau which account for 16 days, meanwhile Tawau has recorded 10 days, the lowest no. of raindays recorded among others.





                                                                       Rainfall Amount (mm)


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