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Monthly Rainfall Review



Generally the country is encroaching towards the end of Northeast Monsoon Season where the most areas were experiencing hot and dry conditions. Rainfall anomalies for February showed several areas over Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah were below average. The number of days without rain also increased as compare to last month.


(i) Peninsular Malaysia

During last February, most areas in Peninsular Malaysia experienced hot and dry weather conditions with less than 50 mm of total rainfall recorded. Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Johor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Northern Kedah, Penang and Perlis recorded less than 60% of the average rainfall. Meanwhile, other areas received average rainfall with total amount ranging from 100 mm to 150 mm. Langkawi, Chuping and Kuala Pilah recorded only one day of raindays. The highest number of raindays recorded was 10 days as recorded at Subang Meteorological Station.

(ii) Sarawak


The central part of Sarawak experienced dry weather conditions especially Kapit and Bintulu, meanwhile Sibu and Sarikei received more rain as compared to the average rainfall. Other areas received average rainfall with the total monthly amount between 150 mm and 600 mm. The number of raindays recorded ranged between 12 days at Sri Aman to 20 days at Kuching and Kapit.


As for the State of Sabah, Kudat, Sandakan and West Coast experienced dry conditions with rainfall anomalies of 60 % below average rainfall. Meanwhile Tawau received above average rainfall, ranging from 150 mm to 200 mm. The number of raindays recorded was between 4 to 13 days, with Ranau recorded the highest rain days during the month.







                                                                       Rainfall Amount (mm)


Monthly Rainfall


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