Chief Digital Officer (CIO)

Ambun Dindang
Deputy Director General (Strategic & Technical)

Roles and Responsibilities of Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

  1. Advancing digitalization initiatives in ministries and agencies through the use of data, analysis, and digital technology;

  2. Realising a data-driven culture in the public sector that practises a principle-based approach through the use of data and digital technology;

  3. Transforming digital delivery in ministries and agencies focusing on customer experience based on the Whole-of-Government concept through innovation involving data sharing, open data, and emerging technologies;

  4. Assessing, aligning, and validating digital service needs, Technical Service Design and development budgets and managing agencies as implementers of digitalization initiatives and projects;

  5. Driving change through the Ministry/State/Agency Digitalization Strategic Plan Alignment (PSP) by:

    1. Ensuring agency PSP is aligned with Public Sector PSP and Risk Management and Change Management Plans;

    2. Ensure agency Enterprise Architecture (EA) blueprints are in place; and

    3. Strengthening the management structure for agency digitalization and harmonising the use of global principles, standards, and best practices.

  6. Reporting the implementation and progress of the digitization transformation to the Chief Secretary to the Government as the Chair of the Government Cluster under the National Digital Economy and 4IR  Council.

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