Client Charter

We are responsible to provide high quality meteorological and geophysical services to fullfill both economic and security needs of our nation. We pledge to perform as follows:

  • Request for meteorological, seismological and tsunami information will be responded within 1 working day and supplied within 5 working days.

  • Weather information for flights will be ready 3 hours before departure.

  • Monthly Weather Bulletin will be published within 10 working days in the beginning of the following month.

  • Annual Weather Observation Summary will be published by February of the following year.

  • 10-day Agrometeorological Bulletin will be published within five working days after each decade.

  • Monthly Agroclimatic Review and Analysis will be published in the second week of the following month.

  • Request for cloud seeding operation will be implemented within 10 working days.

  • Radar and satellite images on the website will be updated every 30 minutes.

  • Preliminary earthquake and tsunami information will be disseminated to the relevant agencies and media within 8 minutes upon the detection of earthquake.

Any complaints regarding the Client Charter please contact:

Director General,
Malaysian Meteorological Department,
Jalan Sultan 46667, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: (603) 79678000 | Fax: (603) 79550964