Thunderstorm Warning Issuance Criteria

Warning Type Criteria
  • Warnings are issued when there are clear signs on meteorological station observations, radar echoes, satellite images, NWP products and upper air charts that indicate thunderstorms with rain intensity exceeding 20 mm per hour that are or are expected to occur. A thunderstorm warning is a short-term warning valid for a period not exceeding 6 hours for a single issue.
  • If the weather conditions are expected to worsen and exceed 6 hours, the warning can be upgraded to the continuous rain warning category.


Thunderstorm A weather event associated with the presence of lightning and thunder as a result of the formation of cumulonimbus clouds. Thunderstorms are usually accompanied by strong winds and heavy rain in a short period of time that can cause flash flooding. In extreme conditions, thunderstorms also produce hail and tornadoes (water tornadoes and land tornadoes).